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June 25, 2019

Design Wedding Decor with Ease- Top 10 Tips

Creating your wedding vision can be easier by following key helpful tips from Susan Chitwood, designer, at Maypop Design.

1. Choose a Theme: Working with a theme or color scheme narrows down the infinite design options, thereby lessening your stress!

2. Embrace Color: Consult decorating and fashion magazines for fresh color combos. Choose the ones that resonate with you.

3. Don’t be Matchie-Matchie: You needn’t replicate the exact same colors and patterns. Exact matches don’t excite the eye.

4. Think Texture: If you are going with all white or ivory, vary fabric and paper textures as well patterns to add movement.

5. Don’t Forget the Lighting: Creative lighting adds ambience. Bad lightening…..makes for zombie weddings.

6. Buy in Bulk: On a budget? You may cadge lower prices if you buy in bulk. And extra is always good.

7. Become Versatile: Those pomander balls hanging from the pews can do double duty piled in a beautiful bowl or stacked in a hurricane lamp at your reception. Afterwards, offer them as mementos to a lucky few.

8. Be Honest: Know when you can D.I.Y. and when you need help. If you’re crafty ad have time, go for it. Otherwise, read below.

9. Hire an Artist: Make sure your wedding planner has a very good eye. Or, hire a wedding decorator, and make sure your planner and decorator can work together.

10. Start Early: you’ll be making hundreds of decisions; make sure you allow time for the inevitable back-and-forth between you, your intended, the planner, the decorator and venue.

For more design assistance, visit Marypop Design.

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  1. Davis

    lovely, such a good article. I needed hell starting my theme.. Thanks BB&G!

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