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June 25, 2019

Celebrity Vanessa William’s Wedding Masterpiece

It is commonly known that the lotus flower holds a significant symbolization throughout Egyptian culture. The flower itself is born into water, yet overcomes its surrounding environment, and rises to the surface to bloom more beautiful than ever.  The lotus flower therefore represents the triumphant feeling of overcoming adversity. It symbolizes purity throughout the world, and nothing is more pure than true love.

rsvp-enclosure-cards-vanessa-williamsIt was because of these reasons, and the location of their first encounter in Egypt, that the couple had decided to base so much of their wedding invitation designs and décor around this particular flower and unique culture.

All of this information was explained in even greater detail by the couple when they first approached UK based Adorn Wedding Invitations to introduce this wedding event of the year by creating magical invites. The entire team endeavoured to gain as much knowledge on Vanessa and Jim, their relationship, and of course their wedding details as possible before any physical designs were even produced.

Adorn make it their mission to approach any custom invitation designs in the most personal way possible, this allows them to then create a completely unique invitation for any couple, that perfectly reflects their individuality and chosen wedding theme. In Vanessa and Jim’s case, they worked extremely close with the Adorn Invitations team and were in constant communication with them regarding all of their wedding details.

The two were forever discussing and sharing images of all of their wedding elements with Adorn; from the engagement ring that Jim had personally designed and made for Vanessa, right through to the two unique gowns that Vanessa herself had designed by Carmen Marc Valvo for her special day.

It was these two wedding details that really stood out to the Adorn design team. The diamond on the engagement ring, which Jim had created for his future wife, was actually housed by a spectacularly carved lotus leaf. The Valvo gown that Vanessa was planning on wearing during her wedding reception also featured stunning patterns, created by gold leather to look similar to metal petals.

It was evident to Adorn that not only did gold need to be used as one of Vanessa and Jim’s invitation feature colours, but also that the lotus leaf was a necessity as part of their design. With this in mind, the designers spent close to two months gathering colour and pattern combination inspiration. Continuous examples and suggestions were sent back and forth between the couple and the design team until Vanessa and Jim finally expressed how much they loved our suggestion of contrasting gold with Marsala.

These colours perfectly complimented the flowers and table settings that Vanessa and Jim’s wedding planner Carla Measer-Costamagna had organised; not to mention both of Vanessa’s extravagant wedding gowns that she was to wear on the day. One of which our designers chose to replicate the pattern from; creating sketch after sketch until they were happy with the one hand-drawn leaf, that they would then scan onto a computer to refine and duplicate to produce the perfect pattern worthy of the couple’s wedding invitation.

designing-pattern-on-screenAfter the Adorn team gained approval of the pattern from the soon-to-be-married couple, printing and production techniques were then narrowed down, and laser cut technology was chosen to produce the intricate detail required for the design. Laser cutting was the obvious printing choice for the Adorn team as many of their previously designed invitations were produced using the same method, therefore they were familiar and confident with the precision and delicateness that can be created as an outcome.

Gold foiling was also another obvious design choice for Adorn. After gaining such an intimate insight into Vanessa and Jim’s wedding décor the Adorn team knew exactly how extravagantly impressive this wedding was going to be; wedding invitations are a guest’s first taste of what to expect at the future event, thereforvanessa-williams-wedding-invitation-sete the designers were determined to create invitations that would do this extraordinary wedding justice.

All of these beautiful design elements were applied to Vanessa and Jim’s entire wedding suite which ranged from RSVP cards, right through to security detail cards. Adorn ensured that all elements of their wedding stationary were consistent and equally impressive,
regardless of the item’s purpose. Even the invitation’s envelopes were custom designed to match the chosen colours, with the laser cut pattern from the invitation being gold foiled onto the inner lining of the envelope.

As Adorn’s personal wedding gift to the couple, they had the lotus leaf that Jim incorporated into Vanessa’s engagement ring replicated in the form of a 14-carat gold-plated seal, that was then hand applied by the entire team to every single invitation that was to be sent out. Not only were the couple blown away by Adorn’s ability, as showcased through their comments on both social media accounts, the Adorn team also hold this particular project very close to their hearts as it truly showcased what they are capable of creating.

Vanessa Williams + Jim Skrip – Fourth of July Wedding Celebration from Shutter Dream Studio on Vimeo.

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