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July 20, 2019

Kristopher & Ebony

How did You Meet?

Kristopher and Ebony have known each other for over a decade. Both the bride and the groom were raised in Southfield, Michigan and even attended the same high school, Southfield Lathrup where they were acquaintances, nothing more. It wasn’t until August, 2012 at their ten year reunion meet and greet at MGM Grand, Detroit that the two reconnected. Kristopher couldn’t help but notice how much Ebony had blossomed and matured from the young marching band teenager he once knew, and Ebony couldn’t help but be impressed with Kristopher’s kindness and maturity. After exchanging numbers the two quickly became friends and began spending time together, but it wasn’t long until that friendship blossomed into true love.After a year of being inseparable, on New Years Eve 2013, Kristopher got down on one knee at Cafe Cortina in Farmington Hills, and proposed to Ebony who said “Yes!” immediately.Who knew after crossing paths for all of these years that these two were meant to be? As, they say “the rest is history.”

What was the Highlight of Your Wedding?

Our Wedding Dance!


What Advice Would You Offer to Couples in the Planning Process? 

The advice I would give to other couples is that when you are stressed during the wedding planning process, try to remember God’s ultimate purpose for your union and how many people would love to be planning a wedding that don’t get this opportunity!

Our List:

Ceremony Venue:  Canterbury Village’s chapel and castle, MI
Wedding Dress Vera Wang Sweetheart ball gown wedding dress
Bridesmaid Dresses: Monis Bridal in Farmington Hills.
Flowers: Amani Hakim from Soo Fabulous in Southfield, MI
Cake: Ms. Maddox located in Farmington Hills



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