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June 24, 2019

How to Involve Close Ones in the Wedding Planning

As most brides-to-be, you want your wedding to be perfect so you can handle all the planning, organizing and overseeing the event. But the more you try to be in control and take care of everything the more you stress out. Well, guess what? There’s a way you can unburden yourself and still get the dream-like wedding you want.

  1. First, hire a wedding professional if you can.
  2. If not, assign duties to others. For sure you have a lot of close ones or family and friends that are excited about the big event and would like to give a hand. Take advantage and relax a little bit while others help you out.
  3. Set up a list of wedding responsibilities. Out of the most lengthy, decide which are the chores that cannot be taken to the finish line by anybody else but you.
  4. Take the remainder of the duties and assign them to family and friends to do them under your supervision.

Dion Magee, Event & Wedding Lifestyle Expert has compiled a list of assignable duties and offers you some suggestions on who should you ascribe them to.

In most cases, your parents know more about your future guests than you if you are inviting a lot of  family. That’s why parents can help you with a lot of guest related activities. These include:

  • Making a preliminary guest list (Mother will know all the aunties you never heard of)
  • Registering the received gifts (Mother will be pleased to comment on them as well)
  • Taking care of the guestbook (then Mother can brag about all the people that came to your wedding)
  • Receiving guests at the reception as an official hostess (Parents will feel important and useful)

Your father can additionally lend in a hand with:

  • Renting the wedding costumes attire for the male wedding attendants
  • Renting wedding cars ( Man and cars have a special bond)
  • Co-hosting the wedding party (Father gets to be the man of the hour)
  • Taking care of the details at the end of the reception (Father should have the patience to do it)

Even if the bride and her family are usually the ones that take care of most wedding details, this doesn’t mean you have to leave out your future in-laws. They might even be offended by it. So include them in your wedding planning by using their talents.

Here’s what your future mother-in-law could do:
– assist with rehearsal dinner details
– help with out-of-town guests
– help with wedding favors
– bargain for you with the florist

And since you don’t want to omit your future father
either commission him with:
– paying for and hosting the rehearsal dinner.
– Purchasing drinks at the wedding reception

INVOLVE YOUR FRIENDS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

If you don’t see “eye to eye” with parents regarding wedding details, most of the sensitive chores should be assigned to your and your fiancé’s friends, who
are better aware of your tastes and expectations.

Here is a list of how your friends could help you with the event:
– address invitations
– plan and host bridal shower
– plan and host the bachelorette
party/bachelor party
– help decorate the reception hall
– cover the music arrangements

Photo from Asia and Kevin’s BB&G Real Wedding, Chris Joriann Photography

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