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February 25, 2017

DIY Best Wedding Decor Ideas

Organizing your ideal wedding is a thrilling experience which can quickly become stressful if you opt for doing your own decor. Some couples consider making DIY décor projects as a way to save money. 

Before you head out to the neighborhood art store and purchase materials to craft anything, you should consider researching DIY projects in detail. Flowers, chair decorations, wall garlands, centerpieces, and wedding favors are most common projects. When you’ve pinpointed your needs, establish a budget and either DIY or contract experts. Here are some of the best ideas from Stacy Pastore, Event Planner, on how DIY projects can be uniquely crafted to include a personal touch.

By making your own floral décor, you are making a statement of your personality and handcraft style. For instance, you can decorate guests’ tables with wildflowers arranged in Mason jars and add some twine to give it a more rustic look. If you don’t fancy simple jars, then you may want to consider tin cans, decorative vases, or other unique containers. With a DIY project, you can embellish them to look extraordinary in any wedding décor. You should gather various containers of different sizes, and then select the ones which best reflect your wedding’s theme.

Flowers garlands are an excellent choice if you want natural wedding décor. You can hang them from the wall or ceiling. Garlands can also be used as long table runners, décor for the ceremony, or for chandeliers. The garlands are easy to make. All you need is as many natural elements as possible.

1. Try different types of flowers and tree branches or ivy. Take the branches or the ivy and wrap them together using a flower tape if necessary. Be sure they are thick enough to support the flowers that you are going to add. Don’t try and make long ones, but rather connect smaller pieces together using the tape.

2. Once you have joined the ivy or the branches in a long laurel, check to see if there are any leafless spots and add some more green ivy or branches with leaves.

3. Cut the flowers or the blossoms to have only a few inches of stem. Safely wrap the tape around the stem of the bloom leaving a loose end hanging.

4. Then hang the garland on the wall (or chair) first, and then attach the flowers to it using the extra floral tape or swing. Be sure to cut or hide the floral tape that might be too obvious.

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  1. So many fabulous ideas! I just love the ombre ribbon wrapped chair – such a pretty touch.
    Thank you for these great ideas!

  2. Design Concepts

    Wow, there is just so much design to cover with all the different features. You have to work really hard as a DIY wedding decor professional. Luckily, if you have lots of ideas from this post, you’ll be on your way to a beautiful wedding.

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