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July 20, 2019

Celebrity Soprano singer, Meroë Khalia Adeeb to wed Mr. Ghislain Tchomobe

Colorful and Cultural Explosion at the Washington DC National Harbor

 This engagement session featured acclaimed soprano singer, Meroë Khalia Adeeb and mathematics college professor, Ghislain Tchomobe. The sophisticated couple chose the National Harbor as a location since it is where they spent most of their years building the foundation of their relationship. Their elaborate African outfits were hand sewn traditional attire that honored Ghislain’s Republic of Cameroon culture. What made this session so remarkable was the beautiful smile that Meroe withheld, as a result of her true adoration for Ghislain. The couple is set to wed on June 4th of next year.


Photos courtesy of: Lola Snaps Photography



LolaSnapsPhotography-43 LolaSnapsPhotography-39 LolaSnapsPhotography-25 LolaSnapsPhotography-10 LolaSnapsPhotography-5

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    Beautiful Couples!

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