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June 24, 2019

Wearing White: It’s Not Just For Your Wedding Day

Whether it’s white, off white, ivory, or ecru chances are you will be will be wearing a white wedding dress for your big day. What about for the rest of your bridal journey?  Is wearing white appropriate for the engagement party, photo shoots, or the bridal shower? Answer: Yes!

White is still the most popular color to wear on your wedding day. This tradition dates back to the 1800’s in England where Queen Victoria wore white for her wedding day. Up until that time, brides wore blue or silver. This caused quite a stir and started the trend for brides to copy her and want to do the same. It was thought as a status symbol since only royalty or the wealthy could afford to keep such a long and formal dress that clean and pristine. Over 175 years later, the custom remains. While most brides today do not wear stark white, ivory is the most popular and a blush color is also very trendy for romantic brides. Wearing White 5

Consider wearing white for your engagement party or bridal shower. Don’t make it too formal; keep it more fun and flirty. A short white dress with either eyelet or lace accents is fabulous for a spring or summer evening engagement party. If you are having a more casual gathering, choose a white cotton or linen maxi dress. Just add a brightly colored statement necklace or belt to pull it together and you will look effortless. In winter, try an ivory wool dress or embellished sweater and pair it with a chocolate brown suede skirt and boots. It’s a great neutral base and easy to accessorize with items already in your closet. It doesn’t matter if you prefer gold or silver, they both compliment white. Or if you wear more natural accessories try wooden bangles and shell necklaces. White looks beautiful on darker skin tones since it does not wash you out like it can on fairer complexions. When shopping for white, remember to select the right fabric; it is notorious for being too sheer, so take the time to check the opacity in the light and make sure you are still modest. The correct fit is also important when wearing white-not too tight and not too loose. If it’s too clingy, it shows everything you are trying to hide and if the garment is too big, it adds 15 pounds in a photo. Now that you know the rules, it’s time to put on that dress for your parties.

Here is an example of wearing white for your engagement photo shoot. Pictured is real couple Tasha and Omar taken on location in North Carolina. Tasha wore a white pantsuit accented with metallic and white jewelry. Her fiancé OmarWearing White 2 wore white trousers with a tan and white striped shirt. During the shoot, Tasha swapped the jacket for a light green sheer top. White really does look beautiful for engagement photos, especially with outdoor shoots. If you prefer to have a studio shoot on a backdrop, choose a grey paper background as you will stand out the best. Contact your photographer to request this setup beforehand. When preparing and organizing your outfits for the photo shoot, do not wear the exact same thing as your finance. It is best to wear outfits that coordinate and compliment. For example, your pants can be the same, but your tops should be a bit different. You can also bring a scarf and add it during the shoot for a simple change.

Wearing white can be a great way to celebrate from the moment you get engaged and everything in between until you walk down the aisle.

Photos by:  Daniel Valverde, Green Valley Photography

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