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June 25, 2019

Beauty Tips: How To

Interview with Atarah Renee, professional makeup artist

Women of color can avoid all-too-common bridal makeup blunders, with a few tips from Lady Atarah. Atarah Renee, owner of AtaRahisTry Makeup Styling, has been servicing blushing brides in the DMV area for well over 7 years. Best known for her “out of the box” style, Atarah or Lady Atarah marries her love of color with the use of airbrush cosmetics. The final result? A naturally flawless look for the bride who’s ready to walk down the aisle. Atarah prides herself on her array of clients, from members of NASA’s astronaut team to a myriad of models. But her favorite? Brides–simply because of the excitement and joy on their faces once the mirror is raised for the reveal. Having graced a rainbow of skin tones with her brushes, she’s the ideal go-to expert for women of color who want to ensure they’ll be camera-ready on their big day.BMistakes

What are the five most common beauty mistakes that women make on their wedding day?

1. Not investing in professional makeup services for the wedding day

Brides should invest in their makeup as they would a professional photographer. A professional makeup artist knows which products to apply to the skin to ensure brides don’t appear washed out. With the use of high-resolution cameras these days, every imperfection is sure to be noticed.

2. Not booking a makeup consultation in advance

Moments before you walk down the aisle isn’t the time to discover you’re uncomfortable with how you’re styled. There won’t be time for a redo. Booking a makeup consultation is just as important as scheduling the cake-tasting. You wouldn’t serve a cake flavor to your guests without knowing how it tastes. “Would you?”

3. Skimping on quality beauty products that have long-lasting “staying power”

Your wedding day, of all days, isn’t the day to be frugal. Investing in quality products with long-lasting staying power is key in avoiding your worst fear coming true: photographs of you with mascara running down the side of your face.

4. Not blending

It’s important to blend your facial makeup down to your neck area, especially if you’re wearing a strapless dress. Your face and neck should be an even tone. Nothing is worse than having a beautifully made-up face only to notice your neck a completely different shade and tone.

5. A lack of a skin care regiment prior to the wedding day

Your personal skin care regiment may include anything from skin bleaching to laser hair removal. No matter the treatment, it should start days before your wedding. Practicing good skin care habits before the wedding will give you a smoother canvas to work on and reduce the likeliness of unresolved skin redness, especially if you plan to wax.

Worse than all these mistakes? Not wearing makeup at all.

What are common apprehensions women of color have about wearing make-up?

One apprehension is not being able to find the right shade to match their unique skin tones. Unfortunately, this makes many shy away from the idea of wearing makeup all together. Often times, women believe that learning the technique in how to apply makeup is too difficult. Women of color tend to cringe at the idea of experimenting with vibrant colors so they’re more likely to just stick to wearing natural shades such as brown and gold. I’ve heard many say, “Using color will just make me look like a clown.” But this isn’t true.

For women who prefer a natural look on their wedding day or for those who cringe at the idea of wearing makeup all together, what are 3 must-wear essentials on the wedding day?

1. Tinted Moisturizer/Foundation: For the woman who’s not into wearing any type of foundation and who has a pretty clear skin, she can simply invest in a tinted facial moisturizer. Using a moisturizer with a hint of shade will prevent a bride from looking washed out in photographs. But for the majority of women, they should apply foundation and then use a setting powder to secure the foundation.

2. Mascara: Waterproof mascara is a must. Nearly all brides get teary-eyed during some part of her wedding day. Waterproof mascara will prevent her from getting “raccoon eyes” and also help to define and open up her eyes.

3. Lip gloss: A long-lasting lip stain or sheer gloss should be a bride’s go-to.

In your opinion, which beauty applications can turn a groom off      imageslips

An important rule of thumb: If you’ve never been one to wear a lot of makeup, your wedding day isn’t the day to cake it on.  You shouldn’t look overdone. You still want to look like yourself with the makeup. Makeup should only be used to enhance your natural beauty.

A big no-no is wearing eye shadow shades and blush that are too dark or too bold. Your eye shadow and blush should be applied lightly to avoid those scary-looking smoky eyes and beet-colored cheeks. Trust me–he’ll be distracted by all of this, as well as your guests.

Another good pointer is to stay away from bold lip color. Your groom is not going to want to worry about wiping off your lipstick after each kiss. Surprisingly, a lot of men aren’t into women wearing lipstick, especially black men. They actually like to see the fullness of a woman’s lips, so you should go with a tinted or sheer gloss instead.

How can a bride get those perfectly kissable lips without using thick; sticky gloss that you see a lot of women applying

The kiss is one of the most memorable moments a bride will have from her wedding day, so I recommend a sheer gloss to my brides. But if you opt for lipstick instead make sure your lip liner is a shade that’s close to your natural lip color or lipstick color. Another nice trend is using lip stains which don’t rub off as easily as lipstick.

Is bigger really better when it comes to applying false eyelashes?

Overdone eyelashes are a big turn off. You always want to stay within a reasonable length for your eyes. It’s a major problem if your eyelashes start to look spider-like. If you naturally have full eyelashes, try lengthening mascara instead.

How can a woman of color achieve flawless looking makeup on her wedding day?

You want apply a long-lasting foundation that will stay on all day. But it’s equally as important that you apply a good facial moisturizer before putting on any makeup. Remembering to apply setting powder afterwards is a must. Before putting on any eye shadow you should use a primer to prevent your colors from rubbing off hours later. Blush is another essential that’ll keep you from looking washed out in photographs and help define your cheek bones. Plum tones or terracotta are great shades for darker complexioned women.

It’s a great idea to ask a bridesmaid to hold on to your makeup essentials throughout your day. It’ll come in handy when you need to reapply your lip color or refresh your face with oil absorbing pads.

 Photos courtesy of Corbis Images, The B. Bronze Collection by Deborah Asare


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