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June 24, 2019

Bridesmaid Attraction: Finding the man at the wedding

Weddings are a great time to meet new, single men if you are a bridesmaid. Studies have shown that if a person wants to find a soul mate, it is better to do it in the company of friends. Doctors at the University of California have studied the subject by showing hundreds of individual’s pictures of people with friends and then the same person solo. Their surveys revealed an interesting fact; the person being rated was seen to be more attractive when shown with a group.

Armed with knowledge, getting ready for the big day can be as important to single bridesmaids as they are to the bride. However, you want to keep in mind that it is the bride’s big day and that she has the final word. Be kind when approaching these issues, your relationship should be strong enough to be open about these subjects but don’t be afraid to voice your opinion about dress style and colors.

Use accessories that compliment your own style:

  1.  Accessories provide an entirely new opportunity for you to express yourself emphasizing your own personal preferences, taste and style so don’t be afraid to choose accessories that compliment your individual “fashionality.”
  2. Because you will not be carrying a purse for much of the event, focus on the jewelry and other accessories. A bold necklace can add a splash of color to offset a gown that is not in your color palette. If the gown has no waist, try a satin sash.
  3. Gloves with a rhinestone bracelet always looks elegant and can take the eyes away from the dress. Thanks to accessories you can have the perfect outfit flowing head to toe.

Plan a make-up test drive:

Beyond clothing and accessories remember that the lighting may be fluorescent and can add a bluish tinge to your skin tone so it is best to warm up your makeup on for the wedding day events such as rehearsal dinner.alexmunoz-8131001v2

  1. Rehearsal dinner is also a great time when you can show off your individual style. Don’t be afraid to wear your sexiest outfit to the dinner. This is an opportunity for you to be you.
  2. If there is any pigmentation issues such as acne spots or light spots, don’t use heavy skin lightening remedies such as products that contain as hydroquinone. The lightening remedies can cause a permanent light ring around the spot that you are trying to remove if done improperly.  It is much easier to go with a body makeup in shade darker than your natural skin tone to cover the unevenness in skin tone. Use body makeup on the exposed areas such as the neck, back, knees and any other area that you would like to even out. Highlights can be used but makeup with sparkles should be used sparingly because it does not photograph well. Also, Use a little sheen spray on your hair after it is styled. It will look healthier in the photos because the camera will pick up the sheen.

Mingling at the wedding:

  1. Do make a list of available and single men beforehand so there are no embarrassing moments. Practice makes perfect even if he is not the “one.” It is best to have an opening line to get the conversation rolling such as a clever reply to a comment he has made.
  2. Make eye contact and compliment him on his shoes or hair. Smile, if you have nothing to say.  If you do find something to talk about, keep the conversation light. This is not the time too bare your soul.  Topics such as movies, puppies, favorite food and other topics are great for starters.
  3. Politely excuse yourself if you are not interested by going to the powder room, finding a female friend that you haven’t seen for a long time or family friend that needs your attention.  Have fun. Having fun is very attractive to people and they will want to join in your fun.

Even at weddings, available bachelors can be found. It’s important to know how to attract the right one.

Photos courtesy of Alex Munoz.




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