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June 25, 2019

Registering “Something New”

If you’ve been invited to your share of weddings, then you’ve likely memorized the typical wedding gifts that seem to end up on nearly every couple’s registry. Having purchased a countless number of these, myself, I can’t bear to wrap another decorative candle, picture frame, or matching towel set. This isn’t to say that the china set you just purchased for your best friend’s wedding isn’t a great gift, but why not give a gift that’s a little more unique and practical? Let’s toast to 6 out-of-the-box gift ideas that newlyweds will actually use and enjoy.

1. WINE BASKET Whether they’re Wine Country travelers or once-in-a-while tasters, a good bottle of wine is a gift that’ll always be appreciated. Instead of opting for just one good bottle, try putting together a basket filled with two or three of the couple’s favorites. If you’re unsure as to what they prefer to taste, you can never go wrong with Italian Pinot Grigio (crisp; citrusy flavor), Californian Chardonnay (crisp; fruity flavor with buttery undertones), and Italian Merlot (medium body with hints of berry and plum flavors). Complete the basket with a pair of wine glasses, box of truffles, and a heart-shaped corkscrew. For an extra special touch, hang tags from each bottle with handwritten instructions on when it should be opened and enjoyed by the couple.

2. SECOND HONEYMOON Don’t let the word “honeymoon” scare you. You won’t have to spend thousands to give a great gift like this one. Consider a tranquil location such as a quaint bed-and-breakfast located just outside of town. You’d be surprised that many offer affordable rates and special packages during certain days of the week and times of the year. To get the most bang for your buck, book a room for a week day or during the winter months when you’ll be likely to get a great deal. A cottage setting is the perfect location for a little rest, relaxation, and romance. Any couple would appreciate a second get-away a few months after the wedding to rekindle their sparks. You can start your complimentary honeymoon registry today.

3. EVERYDAY GIFT CARDS Gift cards may not seem to be one-of-a-kind gifts but they can be both practical and unique depending on where you purchase them. Instead of heading to your local home appliance or department store, pick up a gift card in your daily travels to the market, gas station, or home improvement store. Every couple needs food in their refrigerator, gas in their car, and tools to fix up the nest. After paying for the wedding, which couple couldn’t use the invaluable gift of an everyday necessity?

4. STORAGE OTTOMAN For the couple who loves to entertain, a matching pair of storage ottomans is an ideal gift. Not only does this moveable furniture come in an array of shapes, colors, and patterns, but they add extra seating for guests at parties and holiday gatherings. The storage space inside the ottoman is the perfect place to neatly tuck away a wedding album and other family photos.

5. DIGITAL COIN COUNTER Pennies really do add up, especially for newlyweds just starting to build their life together. A digital coin counter is a great way to start saving leftover pocket change. A gift like this one can be a great way to get newlyweds on the road to living happily ever after.

6. MONOGRAMMED ADDRESS STAMPER Nothing says “we’re married” more than a monogrammed self-inking stamper. The Mr. and Mrs. will find that a personalized address stamper comes in handy before mailing off wedding thank-you cards. Other personalized stationary such as pens, notepads, and sticky notes would also add a nice touch to the couple’s home office.

Photo courtesy of JNLcollection.

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