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July 20, 2019

Wedding Day Highlights

Capture the moments of your wedding day. This video shows highlights of a beautiful wedding.

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Eric & Shantece

Memorable Moments During the wedding ceremony Eric presented his now step daughter with a necklace symbolizing his acceptance of fatherhood. This is when Eric officially took on the role of being her father. “That was the...
by Editor


Jeffrey & Lisa

  How we met: An acquaintance with Jeff younger brother, he thought it would be a good idea for us to meet. Wade, his brother, made plans for us to meet over lunch, we both cancelled. But after the third attempt and a thre...
by Editor


Design Wedding Decor with Ease- Top 10 Tips

Creating your wedding vision can be easier by following key helpful tips from Susan Chitwood, designer, at Maypop Design. 1. Choose a Theme: Working with a theme or color scheme narrows down the infinite design options, thereby...
by Susan Chitwood



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  1. Tobias

    I’ve been to a few weddings. I always buy something for the bride only and give it to her at the shower and I buy off the registry for the wedding. I think it is cute and traditional to give a cute nightie or lingerie for the shower. That is what I meant by something for the bride. At my shower I received things like lingerie, cute bra pantie sets, a sexy robe, my mother and MIL (both of our parents are single) gave me a combined gift, our honeymoon, I got perfume and things like that. I sent my registry info only for people to get an idea of what we needed. It is up to you what you want to buy, she won’t be offended if you don’t buy off the registry.

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