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July 20, 2019

Memorable Father Daughter Dance Medley

Check out this memorable father daughter dance medley. This father can definitely work the dance floor!

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Eric & Shantece

Memorable Moments During the wedding ceremony Eric presented his now step daughter with a necklace symbolizing his acceptance of fatherhood. This is when Eric officially took on the role of being her father. “That was the...
by Editor


Jeffrey & Lisa

  How we met: An acquaintance with Jeff younger brother, he thought it would be a good idea for us to meet. Wade, his brother, made plans for us to meet over lunch, we both cancelled. But after the third attempt and a thre...
by Editor


Design Wedding Decor with Ease- Top 10 Tips

Creating your wedding vision can be easier by following key helpful tips from Susan Chitwood, designer, at Maypop Design. 1. Choose a Theme: Working with a theme or color scheme narrows down the infinite design options, thereby...
by Susan Chitwood



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  1. $5 a piece?!?!?! You were getting rieppd off to begin with!!I looked around and found a lot of places that had invites for around $1 each. I like your suggestion and you should definitely tell other brides about that when they are looking for low-cost invites.were a few that I looked at. Yes definitely have them send you a sample one but I loved my invites. They were exactly what I wanted. If you are having a small wedding of less than 50 people of course you can make them yourself. But if you are making a lot of invites (I think I ordered 250) it is cheaper to order than to make them yourself.I think RSVP by phone is a smart idea especially since you’d have to call those that didn’t RSVP anyway.

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