We invite all photographers and newly married couples to submit a collection of images for publication in the magazine. Submit a selection of up to 6 photographs, on any theme, and include a short introduction/bio via email: At this time, we are no reviewing engagement photos due to overwhelming demand to celebrate real weddings. 

We welcome contributing writers to the team! We will review all submissions that include a full text or a detailed outline of an article. Accompanying photographs are necessary as acceptance is based on the quality of the photography. Articles should be between 800 and 1200 words. Articles should be wedding-related.  Themes should be explained in enough depth to make them clear, and illustrations should be understandable without reference to the main text. Captions are required for all submitted images. We cannot guarantee publication of articles within any given time frame. All material should be revised (spelling, grammar and punctuation) before submission.

For more information, contact us at

For the BB&G Real Weddings section, we request:

  •  Six-Eight photos in various shots – décor, cake, couple, unique shots, bridal part, etc (in minimum 300 dpi).
  •  Details:
  1.  Couples name, date of wedding, location of wedding, contact information, telephone and email.
  2. Couples Names – correct credentials include phones numbers and email
  3. If wedding planner, contact and email address, web address
  4. If wedding designer, contact and email address., web address
  5. Photographer, contact and email address, web address.
  6. Wedding location Name, City, State
  7. Agree to allow Black Bride and Groom to use your photos and tell your story via this email; Agree to use of photos via email.
  •  A brief love story:
  1. How did you meet?
  2. What was the best highlight of your wedding day?
  3. What advice would you give other couples in the planning process?

Submit to: